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Computer virus is a very common term now for any PC user around the world, however, apart from the fact many innocent system users still suffers from several nasty unexpected intruders and do not know how to get rid of them. The malicious softwares like can easily find a place into your windows computer by inserting itself to some legitimate applications called ‘guests’. Also the threat can spread via network sources, USB keys or even physical storage media. Now once in might result into so many troubles for you while running your PC.

Here are pointed several common symptoms due to infection

    • If you find some suspicious files existing in your physical storage media such as pen drive then it may be an indication of infection into your system.
    • If applications like ‘Registry Editor’, Command Prompt’, or ‘Windows Task Manager’ becomes inaccessible on your system or even opening one of these application leads to restarting your PC then the situation may be due to above threat.
    • Also due to this infection you will find the folders on your pen drive disappeared automatically. This basically happens because this virus by changing attributes of folders makes then inaccessible.
    • Inside the ‘Tools’ option your will find ‘Folder’ option missing or if ‘Folder’ option is present there then you won’t be able to apply desired settings.

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Apart from the above there are many more symptoms like browsers bombarded with pop up ads, appearance of unusual errors, system slow speed etc. Because of this reason you are advised to necessarily remove without giving yourself another thought. You can either opt for manual or automatic removal method to uninstall this infection from your windows PC. In order to remove manually simply go with the below steps.

Delete From PC Control Panel

At first go to ‘Control Panel’ from ‘Start’ menu, the goto ‘Programs & Features and simply select to uninstall it.


Remove extensions

internet-explorer-logoFrom Internet Explorer

  • Open IE and goto Manage Add-ons from Tools menu
  • A window opens, from there click on Toolbar and extensions


  • Then simply highlight and click on Remove
  • Also find and remove any other entry associated with this threat

google-chrome-logoFrom Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome and from the top left portion of browser click on wrench
  • Then goto Settings and click on Extensions on opened Window


  • Remove all undesired extensions and also the one related to infection

mozilla-firefox-logoFrom Firefox

  • Open Mozilla and goto Tools menu, select Add-ons to open configuration windows


  • From left panel click on Extensions, find extension or any other unnecessary extension and then delete them immediately by clicking on Remove button

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“Best way to efficiently delete viruses & spywares from your computer. Simply download scanner to get complete system scan.”

Remove automatically by using Anti-Malware Program 

The anti-malware application is the most easiest and effective way to remove with the assurance to not face any more trouble and also have a virus-free system in future. This automatic software is highly specialized in performing thorough scan of your windows computer so that to repair entire PC infection withing quick time and with best technology. The tool has been made to work with any windows version OS and can be easily used by any novice or professional user to flush out any infected item from machine.

Just follow below user guide to remove automatically 

Step 1 – Download and launch software. Then start PC scanning by clicking on ‘Scan computer now’.


Step 2 – You can see scanned results in a preview pane on your system, check out the details of the threats before starting to fix them.


Step 3 – You can also use a Custom scan feature of this automatic software to find threats at different parts of your computer including rootkit, registry, memory, files, and also cookies.


Step 4 – Another fantastic feature, System Guard of this automatic tool will help you block any other harmful process execution on your system.


Step 5 – With Network Sentry feature you can easily ensure security of your system on any network sources.


Step 6 – Using this automatic program you can prevent virus infection on your computer even though you are away from your machine.


Prevention Tips to secure PC from such future threats 

Although computer criminals are using nasty methods nowadays to insert malicious programs into your computer, you can easily prevent such infections by following some security tips:

  • Use an advanced and trusted anti-malware software.
  • Update the installed anti-malware tool time after time.
  • Maximize your search engine your security potential.
  • Be very cautious when browsing the Internet.

Free Download Tool To Remove PC Virus

“Best way to efficiently delete viruses & spywares from your computer. Simply download scanner to get complete system scan.”